Adult Clinics

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Price: $99.00
Payment with check or cash.

An easy and affordable way to discover golf for beginners.
For $99, you will get golf instruction designed to
teach you
everything you'll need to play golf.


​​November 13th - November 17th from 12 pm to 1 pm

​Check back for the 2018 schedule.

Day 1: The Hole is the Goal:
  -Putting - The excitement of rolling the ball into the hole.
Day 2: Getting it Close:
-The best way to hold the club and get ready before you take a swing.
-Hitting the ball close to the hole - chipping, pitching and other shots from short distances.

Day 3: Swing, Swing, Swing:
-Getting comfortable with the full swing.
-Using your irons to get the ball in the air and onto the green.

Day 4: Driving School
​- Swinging your driver and other "big" clubs to hit the long shots.
​Day 5: 
Ready, Set... Go Golf:
-Linking all that you've learned to play a few holes.
-Become more comfortable on the course and where to drvie the cart.

Call or email Ben Johnson at the pro shop for more information.
Space is limited to 8 per class.


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